Preparing material for your publication

You can download a copy of the latest version of the Modern Humanities Research Association's handbook for authors, editors, and writers of theses

Only good-quality illustrations (300 dpi), submitted on paper or digitally at a very high resolution, can be reproduced. Permission to reproduce material must be obtained before publication.

Authorial corrections

You are reminded that your manuscript should be submitted in as definitive a form as possible. Any subsequent amendments should be restricted to correcting grammatical errors or typos and updating bibliographies.

You will receive two sets of proofs that you should check carefully for printer's errors. You are requested to keep authorial corrections to a minimum, since insertions and deletions can have a knock-on effect over several lines or even pages.
You will be charged for excessive corrections.

Please make your corrections using a ball-point pen in the margin of one set of proofs and return the complete set to Droz, together with the manuscript.

Download the typographic best practices chart (pdf, french)

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